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October 15 2014


Men's trimming tools

Most specialized stylists swear you can’t do proper trimming at home. But all it takes is some practice and knowledge to get it right. Also choosing the right tools for the jobare mandatory. Good beard and  best trimmer for men is always required, and the best one is always the one that fits your face and style the best. There are plenty of good beard trimmers out on the market. Depending on what you wish to do with your facial hair, choose one that has all characteristics you need for your hair modeling. 

Proper settings should be also high priority (lighting, mirrors). After good setup we can start trimming. Best way to start would be from top of one ear down to your jaw bone. Then you do it on the other side of your face to gain symmetry. Working on your neck line is next thing to do. Make it nice and straight, following your facial lines, then focus on your mustache, and cheeks. 

I wouldn’t suggest avoiding trimming your facial hair while it’s wet, as it will shrink as it dries out, and you might get results you don’t want to have. Best is to trim your beard right before you take a shower. That way you can wash off any facial hair left and comb your beard for best results. Dry your hair with towel and slow tapping. Then you can comb it.Keep your hygiene high as your priority and beard in shape, and ladies will love it and you.

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